The Magical Laundry Lady

The magical laundry ladylaundry

Half a century ago, a lady started a laundry service. She was brilliant, magical even. She could take out everything from coffee stains to mud to even pet stains. She had a bag full of tricks to remove any and every type of stain. Her venture was quite successful. Clients were becoming loyal and used to come back to her week after week. Continue reading “The Magical Laundry Lady”

Strategy Daddy – Now Available for Pre-Order

stratdadFor the executive: Strategy Daddy helps to better understand how products are seen by customers.  Executives applying these strategies will develop products and marketing messages that increase sales.

For the manager: Strategy Daddy clearly identifies methodologies for developing a hook or angle for products and services. Managers will see a firestorm of success by combining creativity with strategy.

For the entrepreneur: Strategy Daddy offers case studies and associated tactics as a better filter than the usual gut check. Entrepreneurs will see strategies stripped to the core for application to new business.

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Time Line Positioning

asdfaWhen it comes to a new product or procedure, the challenge is that of overcoming the incumbent, the tried and true battle-tested original.  You must convince the consumer that your product is either new or improved.  I never understood how a product could be both new and improved.  If it’s new, how do you improve it and if it’s improved, it can’t be new as there would be nothing to improve.  Figure out which one you are, and find something in the market to compare yourself to.  If you are coming into the market against an old competitor then you might try to position yourself as the new thing by creating a time line. 

“My grandfather always told me he shaved with a straight edge razor, sharpened on a stone every morning.  He says my dad was lucky to get one of those newfangled hand razors with the blade already angled for you.  I remember how he ridiculed my older brother for being a pansy with his Mach III razor.  I don’t think I’m gonna tell him about my NEW OCHO CALIENTE.  Eight blades to ensure I get down to ‘a few less layers of skin’ smooth. It comes with two strips, one moisture strip to ensure a quick shave, and one absorbent one to help the blood clot quickly.  Now that’s sharp!” Continue reading “Time Line Positioning”

The Right Pond Makes the Bait Work Better

111Abraham Lincoln must have have been highly accomplished with a hook and cane pole.  It’s a rational conclusion when one appreciates his deep understanding of both strategy and tactics.

For many of us, the terms are intertwined, frequently interchanged, and often confused.

Strategy and tactics.  Tactics and strategy. Like so many terms in business, these have come from the military. Strategy is the planning of the grand scheme of how to win the war. Tactics are the planning of individual battles. Strategy is a decision of what to do. Tactics are choosing how to do it. Tactics constantly change. Strategy does not. Continue reading “The Right Pond Makes the Bait Work Better”

Maslow and his Hierarchy of…Marketing?

the mas“I just self-Actualized, and it felt WONDERFUL!”

You have no doubt heard the old marketing story about the drill bits and the holes.   I wish I knew whom to credit for the example.   The example goes that thousands of drill bits are sold every year, but who wants a drill bit.   People want the holes.   So sell them on the value of a hole.   I want to take that even further.   

Who wants holes in their walls?   No one!   They want holes to put screws to either hold a something together or hang up something.   Sell them on how they will feel when they finally hang up that College Degree, knowing that it is secure…just like your child’s future.   This is an example of what I have nicknamed Maslowing.      Continue reading “Maslow and his Hierarchy of…Marketing?”

Book Review: The 60 Second Referral

60-second-referral-bookI have a confession to make. Even though I’ve written about how powerful a followup marketing system is to generate more business, I don’t have a systematic followup system working for me.  I’ve always procrastinated in creating a followup system because the whole idea overwhelms me.

  • Who should I contact and how many times?
  • How to contact them?
  • What to talk with them about?
  • How to plan it all out?
  • How to keep track of everything?

And so, I’ve always been stuck because of this overwhelm. Sure, I send out emails when work seems slow. And write newsletters and blog posts every so often. But I’ve not invested time in being disciplined to create a followup system that works like clockwork.  Because I always thought it was too much work. It was all too hard. How wrong was I! Continue reading “Book Review: The 60 Second Referral”

Burger King Marketing: How To Make The Customer Realize They Love Your Product

“Absence diminishes small loves and increases great ones, as the wind blows out the candle and fans the bonfire.” – Francois Duc de la Rochefoucauld

How do you find out how much people love your products? How do you find out what features of your product people absolutely can’t live without and what product features are just ho-hmm? Sure you can ask your clients to fill out a survey form. But the results are not always accurate.  So what do you do? You use a whacky trick Burger King recently used to gauge their clients reactions… Continue reading “Burger King Marketing: How To Make The Customer Realize They Love Your Product”

Branding, Brands and the Pictures in my Mind

asdfI’m probably going to insult a handful of brand managers and marketing directors here in the next few moments.   The whole reason that this is going to happen is because of a definition problem.   But I am willing to risk insult (theirs) to ensure understanding.  

Here is the definition that is going to start it all downhill.  Branding is a shared emotional attachment to a recall cue.   If a group of random customers can hear the name or see the logo of your brand and it paints a similar picture in each of their minds, then the brand has been branded.   I’m not saying that upon hearing “Colgate”, everyone thinks toothpaste.  That is name recognition.  I am talking about emotional attachment.  How can you determine if something is branded? Continue reading “Branding, Brands and the Pictures in my Mind”

The Sticky Wall of Advertising Rules

1shovThere’s an abundance of crappy creative out there that’s figuratively flung at the wall of advertising to see what will stick.  agumIt’s up to a good marketing person to scrap the garbage off the wall.  So let’s start with a list of the old rules that we all have been told…You’re familiar with the list:

(a) Mention the product or name of the company at least three times (five, if you’re smooth).   

(b) You’ve gotta get that phone number in there.   

(c) End all of your pricing with “99” to fool the customer into thinking their product or service is cheaper.   

(d) Offer to beat any deal.   

(e) Guarantee impeccable service.   

(f) Boast about how long you’ve been in business.    

But wait…there’s more! Continue reading “The Sticky Wall of Advertising Rules”