The six dollar burger

In the fall of 1960, Wilbur Hardee opened a drive-in quick service restaurant. The restaurant became extremely well known and in 1963, it became the first in the fast food industry to make a public offering of stock,bgr 2 years before McDonalds!

Sometime after that, Hardees got lost. They could not cope up with McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s and other fast food chains cropping up everywhere. Hardees were losing a lot of money. The big chains were introducing $1 menu and Hardees, like many other restaurants, tried to keep up with them. This strategy almost ran them out of business. Things were turning from bad to worse until some one in the management took some important key decisions. Continue reading “The six dollar burger”

Profitable Pizzas

AFB064Tom Monaghan was on his way to super success…but he didn’t know it yet. It had just been a few days to his opening of Dominos pizzas and already there was trouble. Almost all of his employees decided to bunk work on the same day. Tom was contemplating whether they should even open the pizza place that day.

While he was thinking, some one suggested that they should just cut out the six-inch pizza to save time. Six- inch pizzas were the most ordered ones and if they stopped selling those, they might be able to cope up with the rest of the orders.  Continue reading “Profitable Pizzas”


fWhat would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?
Robert Schuller

Robert Schuller asked a very piercing question, if you were promised success…what would you do? (personally, I would consider the lottery*grin)

My problem with Schuller’s question is that life never guarentees success, and risks will always be equal with their rewards…the greater the risk, the greater the reward.  But it’s just unrealistic…

My mentor, Roy Williams, asked a question that I felt went even deeper to the heart.  “What would you attempt to do if you knew you would forever fail?” Wow! If you were guarenteed to never succeede…what would you do, just for the sake of doing it, just for the joy of the trip.  Continue reading “Fail!”

Beating the recession selling more ice cream

icMaybe it was the recession.

Frank’s ice-cream corner was not earning as much money as he had thought.  No one was buying the specialty ice creams even though they were much better in taste. The normal ice creams like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry were doing good but the profit on them wasn’t good enough to keep the shop open. Frank thought maybe it’s the recession…

But before he closed his shop, he gave it one final last try. He met a marketing consultant and asked him for a few suggestions. If the consultant helped him out of his troubles without spending too much money on advertising, Frank would give him free supply of ice creams for a life- time.

Even though the marketing consultant wasn’t too keen on the ice creams, he took on the challenge. And the first thing he did was to target the basics. He told Frank: “Get the basics of selling right and you will be out of the red.” Continue reading “Beating the recession selling more ice cream”

If You Happen to be in the Area…of Cayman

cayBooks and Books invited you to “Local Business Author Launches Marketing Strategy Book” on Friday, June 4 at 7:00pm.

Books and Books says, “Join local business author Michael Keesee at Books & Books on Friday, June 4 at 7pm for the launch of his debut book “Strategy Daddy: Marketing Strategies, Tactics and Case Studies that Can Change the Competitive Landscape of Your Business”. “.

Event: Local Business Author Launches Marketing Strategy Book

Start Time: Friday, June 4 at 7:00pm

End Time: Friday, June 4 at 7:30pm

Where: Books & Books, Camana Bay

Best of Belgium

chkBelgium is known as the king of chocolates country. For centuries, they have exported fine chocolate throughout the world. But one chocolate stands out even in Belgium: Godiva. From New York to Paris to Tokyo, it is Godiva that brings the best of Belgium to the world. Continue reading “Best of Belgium”

Strategy Daddy…Now Available EVERYWHERE! (almost)

BarnsnobleaustinThe rather humble beginnings of this book started back in Wichita Falls when I was a Local Sales Manager for KSWO TV. When my team would meet a client we would spend a bit of time trying to find out everything we could about his or her needs.

After the initial client meeting, we would sit (usually around lunch…’cause I like lunch) and discuss a client’s problems, analyze the competition, the way they did business, the industry they were in and how they marketed currently.

Continue reading “Strategy Daddy…Now Available EVERYWHERE! (almost)”

Enlightenment near the elevator

watThe building was tall. I was on the ground floor though. Waiting for the elevator to come and take me up. And what I saw while waiting turned some lights in my brains.

A lady in a business suit turned up from nowhere. She went over to a vending machine. And of all things, she purchased a bottle of water. This wasn’t enlightening in itself. But when you take the whole ground floor into account, it is a bit. You see, there was a cold water cooler right across the vending machine. It would have just taken the lady 3 steps to cross over and drink water for free. Yet she spent 1.25$ on a bottle of water. Continue reading “Enlightenment near the elevator”