Strategy Daddy…Now Available EVERYWHERE! (almost)

BarnsnobleaustinThe rather humble beginnings of this book started back in Wichita Falls when I was a Local Sales Manager for KSWO TV. When my team would meet a client we would spend a bit of time trying to find out everything we could about his or her needs.

After the initial client meeting, we would sit (usually around lunch…’cause I like lunch) and discuss a client’s problems, analyze the competition, the way they did business, the industry they were in and how they marketed currently.

During our discussions, we would look at the three areas that we could change to affect business. We called these three areas “In the Office, In the Store and Out the Door”…which becomes for this book the areas of business practice, the customer and the competition.

I used to make notes as new techniques were created. Was there anything we could vilify, heroify, slogan tie…etc. We were making up our own techniques just so we could name things. I used to keep notes and recap some of my sales meetings (It is a rather vague translation of a sales meeting…chat-ting over cheese sticks and a Coke sounds so unprofessional though). Ally and Michelle suggested I start taking my notes and keeping them in a binder, as they might make a good book someday.

With “good” being a relative term, there is no denying it is a book. (Actually, it’s pretty good *wink)

Ankesh and I joined forces because I have always believed that you find phenomenal people and develop a friendship with them as you never know what can come out of it. Ankesh is one of those people and I am honored to call him a friend.  His research into the case studies is phenomenal and really turned this from a book with great ideas into a book with great ideas and case studies on how to pull them off.  This is what separates Strategy Daddy from many marketing books available today. 

I hope you enjoy reading Strategy Daddy as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Strategy Daddy is available at your local bookstore or at