Killer Auto-Service Strategy

Dan works many a years in a company as a financial analyst. But one day, he is fired. He searches for another replacement job for weeks. But with no luck.

Frustrated, he decides to be his own boss and open his own business. But his new business idea confuses many. Its nothing remotely related to finance and spread sheets. Out of the blue, Dan decides to launch an auto-service business.

He buys the equipment and announces to the world that his “Dan’s Oil Changes” is open for business. But the start is slow. He doesn’t get many customers. That all soon changes when Dan changes his marketing strategy.

Instead of waiting for customers to come to him, Dan decides to go to his customers. But he realizes that it wouldn’t be worthwhile to knock on every door. So he decides to knock on only “big” doors. Only on doors that lead to many clients at once.

Dan starts going to office complexes and knocking on the doors of big companies. He starts offering on worksite automotive oil and filter changing services to employees of companies only. Soon, employees of about a dozen companies of the locality rely on him to service their cars while they are busy working in their cubicles and offices.

Today, Dan earns more servicing automobiles than he did in his job as a financial analyst.

In a recent interview, Dan says: “It’s been easy getting business. The secret, is to come up with a chore that the average employee doesn’t have time to do during the week, and find a way to do it for him while he is at work.

Action Summary:

°    As Willy Sutton says: go where the money is. Instead of going to individual car owners’ homes, Dan went to office complexes where many car owners are found together. Target a place where many of your prospective clients can be found together.

°    And then Dan made his service more accessible than the other oil changing shops. One of the easiest ways to blow away your competition is to make your product or service more accessible to people. Make it easy for them to do business with you and your sales will increase.