Babysitting Dynasty

Kate starts a babysitting service in her town. She realizes that she can’t afford to advertise. She has no money. But she won’t grow rich if no one knows about her. So Kate draws up a strategic plan to advertise her business for free.

Her goal is simple: to get as many people to spread the word about her services. Her plan is two pronged.

°    To promote her babysitting service, Kate visits all the places where parents gather: toy stores, day care centers, churches, and restaurants. She then convinces the owners and managers of these businesses that they would be helping their patrons by letting her post her business sign at their establishment.

°    She also convinces the parents who employ her babysitting services to allow her to put up her business sign in their yards.

Her sign is simple and reads:

Kate Loves Kids

World Class Babysitting

Call 555-5555

Soon, Kate’s babysitting signs are everywhere. Nearly everyone in town knows her name. Kate is soon flooded with referrals and can’t cope up with demand. She ends up hiring

10 babysitters working for her. She creates a babysitting dynasty without spending a cent on advertising.

And, oh yes . . . Kate is in the ninth grade.

Action Summary:

°    If a ninth grade student can build a business dynasty without spending money on advertising, so can you!

°    Go to places where your customers gather and start spreading the word.

°    Convince other business owners to carry your business cards and signs. If need be, provide them incentives, or commission per sale.

°    Develop a referral system and make sure that all your current customers promote you. Give signs and even certificates to your clients that they can show to other people.