Which hotel allows you to check out at 8pm?

htsHotels are very rigid in their time schedules. They don’t think in terms of their customers’ convenience. They tell you when to check in and when to check out. In most hotels, if you stay 30 minutes more than their checkout time, they will charge you for one whole day!

Phil Baxter decided to change that in his hotel, the Sheraton in Los Angeles. To improve the hotel services, he decided to offer a 24-hour check in facility.                     

It took him 6 months and lots of work to put the idea into practice. He had to juggle with time schedules. Make some changes in certain procedures. And convince the managers and workers to go along with the idea. Phil even learnt Spanish to calm the fears of the cleaning staff.

His hard work paid off. When other competitors’ hotels were 66% full, the Sheraton boasted a record 90% occupancy rate!

 Action summary:

 °    Do more for your clients than is required by the industry standards. Try to remove procedures that are inconvenient for your clients. Give them more flexibility.

 °    How can you provide better service? How can you improve the experience your clients receive?

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