Book Review: The 60 Second Referral

60-second-referral-bookI have a confession to make. Even though I’ve written about how powerful a followup marketing system is to generate more business, I don’t have a systematic followup system working for me.  I’ve always procrastinated in creating a followup system because the whole idea overwhelms me.

  • Who should I contact and how many times?
  • How to contact them?
  • What to talk with them about?
  • How to plan it all out?
  • How to keep track of everything?

And so, I’ve always been stuck because of this overwhelm. Sure, I send out emails when work seems slow. And write newsletters and blog posts every so often. But I’ve not invested time in being disciplined to create a followup system that works like clockwork.  Because I always thought it was too much work. It was all too hard. How wrong was I! Continue reading “Book Review: The 60 Second Referral”

Burger King Marketing: How To Make The Customer Realize They Love Your Product

“Absence diminishes small loves and increases great ones, as the wind blows out the candle and fans the bonfire.” – Francois Duc de la Rochefoucauld

How do you find out how much people love your products? How do you find out what features of your product people absolutely can’t live without and what product features are just ho-hmm? Sure you can ask your clients to fill out a survey form. But the results are not always accurate.  So what do you do? You use a whacky trick Burger King recently used to gauge their clients reactions… Continue reading “Burger King Marketing: How To Make The Customer Realize They Love Your Product”

How does Joe Girard sell 6 cars a day, everyday?

Joe Girard Making a Car SaleJoe Girard is born during the 1929 depression in one of the most deplorable ghettos in Detroit city. Joe has a difficult relationship with his father. At a very young age, Joe starts shining shoes of people in salons. He has a tough childhood. But even though Joe comes from a poor background and has a hard start, he becomes really successful.

How successful does Joe become?

The Guinness Book of World Records listed Joe Girard as the “World’s Greatest Retail Salesman” for 12 consecutive years.

People actually lineup to meet Joe, so that he can sell them cars. A long queue is always noticed in front of Joe Girard’s dealership on every Saturday morning. Joe Girard sells more cars individually than most dealers sell in total. He sells an average of 6 cars everyday, throughout his selling career. In all, He sells 13,001 cars during his selling career… all at retail.

What’s Joe Girard’s Selling Secret? Continue reading “How does Joe Girard sell 6 cars a day, everyday?”

The Pantyhose Revolution: How L’Eggs Becomes the #1 Brand Within a Year

L'Eggs Pantyhose Marketing Idea: Unique Packaging1970s is known as the decade of revolution. Neil Armstrong has jumped on the moon just a year back. The first test tube baby is born. Intel introduces microprocessor that revolutionizes the computer industry. There is advancement on the civil rights front. The neutron bomb, which destroys living beings but keeps buildings intact, is developed. The Beatles breakup and Elvis dies. Everything is undergoing change. So it came as no surprise when the women’s hosiery market underwent a revolution too. Continue reading “The Pantyhose Revolution: How L’Eggs Becomes the #1 Brand Within a Year”