The Pantyhose Revolution: How L’Eggs Becomes the #1 Brand Within a Year

L'Eggs Pantyhose Marketing Idea: Unique Packaging1970s is known as the decade of revolution. Neil Armstrong has jumped on the moon just a year back. The first test tube baby is born. Intel introduces microprocessor that revolutionizes the computer industry. There is advancement on the civil rights front. The neutron bomb, which destroys living beings but keeps buildings intact, is developed. The Beatles breakup and Elvis dies. Everything is undergoing change. So it came as no surprise when the women’s hosiery market underwent a revolution too.

Since many years, women’s hosiery market remains stagnant and shows no signs of growing. That all changes in 1970 when L’eggs Pantyhose enters the market. Since the very beginning, L’eggs decides to separate themselves from the pack and create a radical product difference. L’eggs decides to do everything opposite. While every brand of hose comes in flat, 2D dimensional packages in the shape of a leg, L’eggs pantyhose is crumpled up in a ball and comes in 3D plastic eggs. The packaging isn’t only different, but also easily recognizable in the stores.

While all other brands of hosiery are sold in department and specialty stores, L’eggs sets up displays in grocery and drug stores called “L’eggs Boutiques.” They revolutionize the distribution system too. For attention, L’eggs buys its own fleet of trucks that pull up in front of each store. Then a female driver, wearing the L’eggs product and tight pants, deliver L’eggs products through the front door of the stores instead of the back door.

The buzz is enormous. L’eggs does such a good job of differentiating itself from the competition that it becomes the best selling hosiery brand in the country within a year of its introduction!

Author: Michael Keesee

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