Winning the seasonal wars


Some businesses have seasonal ups and downs. One such business is of a lawn service provider. Business is good in summers. But during winters, no one buys lawn servicing, bringing a cash flow problem to the business. A bad summer can mean doom for the small business owner!

One lawn servicing business tried to change its winter blues by starting a winter promotion program. They sent brochures to people by mail. They explained that in summers, the lawn service providers are usually busy and so by signing a contract in winter, they would lock the service for summer. To increase the number of people who would sign the contracts in winter, they promised a bribe. Anyone who signed the contract before a certain date would receive a beautiful embroidered blanket!

This simple tactic helped the lawn servicing business over its winter lull. And it also increased their business by 40% than other similar lawn service providers get over the year!

Action summary:

°    Advertise when others aren’t advertising.

°    You don’t have to provide the product now to make the sale. You can make the sale and promise to provide the product on a later date. Getting people to sign contracts in the winter meant that the competition wouldn’t get the contracts in the summer!

°    Provide an incentive, a bonus, a bribe to people to act now!