Check and Mate

chsJohn invested in a small business. He purchased a “hobby and game” store that had been run profitably since the past 30 years. The old owner wanted to retire and thus John was able to receive a great deal on the shop.

Soon after he bought the store, John found out that all was not right. The store had been neglected for a long time. The old owner had not bought any new merchandise since the last 10 months. Due to the decline in new kinds of games, the long time loyal buyers had stopped visiting the store. In addition to that, the months long liquidation sale had attracted the wrong type of people to the store – the deal seekers who only wanted discounts and cheap products!

John knew he had to change something fast to attract the right kind of people again. To spread the word fast, he started hosting games and tournaments. He started hosting different kinds of tournaments to attract different but right kind of clients.

One week, he would host chess and other similar strategy game tournaments that appeal to the older clientele. Next week, he would host “HeroClix” and “Magic the Gathering” which were popular amongst the teenagers.

Word about his store spread like wild fire within no time. The tournaments attracted tons of people to the store. It allowed the customers to interact with the store and check out the employees and the store merchandise. That’s not all, the game tournaments had one more advantage: It allowed people to connect with each other and become loyal to the store. They are great loyalty builders!

Action summary:

°    A contest or tournament is a great way to attract people and increase profits.

°    The competition and the interaction between people that tournaments allow build customer loyalty.

°    How can you involve your store location or your merchandise in a tournament or contest?