Make your business card work for you


Does your business card get your customers to take amazing pains to get to you?

Here’s the story of a restaurant whose business card really went the extra mile to drive customers to their store.

The front side of the business card said:

“Don’ t flip this over”

The back side said:

“The bad news is that you don’t take directions well. The good news is that we like rebels.

Get a FREE appetizer at [Restaurant name]”

… and then they gave the restaurant address.

I saved the business card and went to the restaurant the coming weekend for my free appetizer. The great part is, that restaurant is 20 miles away from where I stay. I traveled 20 miles specially to redeem my “business card.”

Action summary:

°    Curiosity is a great attention grabber.

°    The main purpose of a business card is to be retentive. Giving a free offer on the business card makes the person save your card. For a long long time. Is your business card retentive?

°    Make your business card into a contest. Or a raffle. Or a coupon. Add a quote to it. Or better yet: a satisfied customers testimonial. Make your business card sell.