The Godfather

adcvMarlon Brando, who played Godfather, passed away recently. I have seen a number of films of his, however…none stuck with me like the Godfather.   I loved the Godfather and have watched it many a times.

And I learned one of the most important marketing lesson in that movie.

Don Corleone (played by Marlon Brando) was a poor immigrant. He grew up in poverty and yet soon became very rich, successful and powerful. He had a lot of clout amongst the politicians and the policemen. How he succeeded can be summed up in 2 lines from the movie:

They’ll never go for it, Pop.”

“I’ll make them an offer they can’t refuse.”

Thats the secret of growing rich: make an offer people can’t refuse. While writing a salesletter, or selling face to face, or even while selling through phone – just ask:

How can you make the other person an offer he can’t refuse?

°    Offer a free trial.

°    Give a money back guarantee.

°    Give them double the money back guarantee.

°    Pay the shipping fees too.

Risk reversal is of prime importance. Let there be no risk in the offer and your profits will increase.

°    Accept money in installments.

°    Hook people up with credit and loans.

°    Tell them how they can make money before they have to pay you.

°    Or tell them that they can see the benefit for themselves and you will encash the cheque only after

30 days.

 Action summary:

 °    Just ask yourself how you can “make an offer they can’t refuse.”