Squeezing the Hollywood Brand

fafNew Line Cinema doesn’t make movies. They make big brands. Brands such as Austin Powers, Lord of the rings, Matrix and Harry Potter. The good movies and the great marketing behind them generate a lot of hype and attention.

New Line Cinema makes a killing in distribution and foreign rights of the films. They earn a lot in selling movie related merchandise too. Now they wanted to make use of the net to increase their merchandise sales.  They created a whole new e-commerce department, which bought in steady revenue for some time. And then they tried one new tactic that more than doubled their sales.

They sent a survey to their in-house mailing list and asked their subscribers to vote and decide which of the sample posters was better. After a few weeks, they would again send an email that said: “You got what you wanted. Your choice of poster is selected.”

This 2 email tactic increased their sales by an awesome 133%! 

Action summary:

 °    Involve your clients with your products. Ask them questions. You will come to know their likes and dis- likes.

 °    You also get an opportunity to pre-sell by asking for their opinion.

 °    Ask them to vote on small product attributes (color, size, type etc). They will feel involved and even obligated to buy your product when you make it with their choice of attributes.