Selling Rocks

sdsL.G. had no real talent. He was not strong enough to do manual work. He was not skilled in any job or profession. The only thing working for him was his imagination. He was a great creative thinker.

And with his imagination, he sold more than 60,000 ordinary rocks! How can you sell rocks to people? How can you persuade people to buy ordinary rocks that can be picked up for free? By repackaging them of course. And that’s what L.G. did.

L.G. painted the rocks pink. And then he created a booklet that advertised the ordinary rocks as “pets.” The booklet talked about a pet that requires no license, will not reproduce and will protect the owner from attacks. And it comes in a pretty pink colour. The booklet was named

“Care and Training of your Pet Rock.” It went on to talk about how the pet was amazing for security and required low maintenance. The pet rocks require no lessons to sit, play dead or roll over. For defense, the owners could take the pet rock out of their pockets and throw at the intruders.

The pink pet rocks sold like crazy. L.G. sold more than 60,000 rocks from gift shops. The pet rock was considered so cool that people actually paid a premium price on them! L.G. built a small fortune by re-packaging and selling ordinary rocks found on beaches for free!

 Action summary:

 °    Even a worthless item can be sold for a lot of money when it’s repackaged.

 °    Simple repackaging can enhance the value of a product. It can convert a commodity product into a specialty one. And then you can charge a premium on it.

 °    Some simple ways of re-packaging are changing the colour, adding a twist, weaving a story around the product.