George vs Jerry


Mary and Jane are having lunch together.  They’ve met after a year and are catching up on their lives. Jane narrates why she marries Jerry instead of George…

Jane: “George has everything. He is handsome. Has a great sense of humour. Went to Harvard and is very intelligent. Runs his own business too. In fact, when I was with him, I felt like I was with the most wonderful person in this world.”

Mary: “Then why did you marry Jerry?”

Jane: “Because when I am with Jerry, I feel like I am the most wonderful person in this world!”

How do the people around YOU feel?  How do your Customers feel?

Action summary:

°    Focus on the prospect instead of focusing on yourself. Make her feel like she is the best person in this

world and she will be loyal to you forever.

°    Go over your company brochure or website. And count how many times you use “we” instead of “you.” Start talking in terms of your prospect and use more “you.”

°    Don’t tell them how good your product is. Tell them how good they will feel by using your product.