The mango man

asdfsIn the Caribbean lives a man named Gregory. He sells more fruits than anyone in the entire pack of islands. And he sells it for more money! How does he do that? He only sells fresh fruit from his small trusty boat. But he does more than just sell fruits.

Gregory has one of the smallest motorboats and he painted it the colour green, which can be easily seen in the blue sea.  He has tied more than a dozen colourful flags of various kinds that he took off from other ships. As if that wasn’t enough for him to win peoples attention from far away, he signals his arrival by blowing into a conch shell.

When children hear the conch shell, they start shouting: “It’s the mango man!” Their parents dig into their pockets and buy the fruits from Gregory. Gregory makes it an occasion for tourists and their kids to eat fruits. Instead of just selling fruits, he sells an experience!

 Action summary:

 °    Gregory goes to his clients instead of waiting for his clients to come to him. By taking his business mobile, he sells more fruit than anyone else. How can you make your business more mobile?

  °    You can’t sell if you don’t have peoples attention. Win peoples attention by being colourful. Then follow up with your great service.

 °    Sell an experience. Not a product.

 °    Brand yourself. Gregory branded himself as the “Mango Man.” This made people recognize him. People used to buy fruits from Gregory even after a few copycats started selling fruits in motorboats in a similar way.

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