Starting with a Bang!


Here is a story about a fast growing restaurant chain.  They grew to over 400 restaurants in 20 short years. Over the years, they have fine-tuned a system that makes sure that they generate a lot of buzz before they open for business in a new town. They make sure that they are a success even before they open up.

How do they do that?

Some time before opening, This restaurant will join the Chamber of Commerce in the town. By being a member, they gain access to all the other members. Then, they send a note to all the members of the Chamber of Commerce, inviting them to come for a free meal before it opens up to the rest of the town.

Many of these members, who are business owners and have a good standing in the community, show up for the free meal. It almost becomes like a Chambers get together. The restaurant does its best in impressing these businessmen and women. They provide great food and a terrific service. And they create a festive mood by decorating the restaurant.

As a result, the night makes a killer impression and gets the whole town talking about the new restaurant. It become a hit restaurant in the new town even before they open up for business.

Action Summary:

°    Give away samples of your product freely to generate a buzz. It’s worth one night’s worth of free food to create a buzz.

°    Reach the influential people of the society. Impress people who are well respected in the society, or are well respected in their field of business, and word about your products will spread.

°    Gather people to an event and give them a memorable day, and they’ll become loyal to you.