Selling an Experience!!

experiencePerception is reality! That statement rings true, as it runs throughout the business of marketing. People make their decisions on ‘their’ reality. As a company, it is important that you have a good perception out there, creating all of these realities. One way to change things up is to create an experience.

Can you take your product, or the way you do business and make it into something more then what it is? Knock the personal experience factor through the roof. People pay big bucks to have the Experience of a Lifetime, use this to your advantage.

One example of an industry that has starting selling an experience is the movie theaters. With the advent of new technology, fewer people are going to movies. And why would they? With giant 52 inch flat screen, projection monitor, surround sound, plasma, high definition, digital ready televisions (with the optional drink holder), no wonder the movie industry has been losing patrons. To counter the loss of revenue and profits, many movie theatres are coming up with ingenious ideas.

Some are installing love seats to make it even more fun for couples to come see a movie. Others are selling beer in multiplexes to attract a whole new audience. One chain of theatres named “Alamos Drafthouse” started offering a complete package of “dinner and movie.” I saw the new Transformers movie opening night (yes, I’m a bit of a dork) at a “Studio Movie Grill” where I had dinner and a show with my friends (and yes, we run in packs). These companies have realized they are in the business of entertaining, not just screening movies.

Could you grow a simple shopping trip into an amazing time? Would a glass of wine and soft music create a different atmosphere in which to get a haircut or look at real estate? Business as usual will continue to get results as usual. Be spectacular and give your customers an experience!