Magical postcard marketing

mgPeter M. is an acoustic guitarist. He has some real talent. He recorded a CD with 15 of his tunes and named it “Well Strung and Solo.” The CD received some very good reviews. But the good reviews alone didn’t bring in many sales. So Peter started hunting for live performance gigs.

Peter thought the best place to get live gigs and generate CD sales was at high-end clubs and discs. To get booked at these clubs, Peter designed his own postcards and started mailing them to the clubs. Peter did spend quite a bit of his money in getting the postcards printed. He believed that first impression has to be good and so he paid extra money to print the postcards in 4 colours.

Every postcard had a call to action too. Peter provided a phone number that the club managers were supposed to call to book him for a night. Peter mailed these postcards and within 3 days he started receiving some phone calls. He was already getting bookings. But he still had a few nights free.

So Peter took the same postcards and mailed it to the same clubs again. And 3 days after the second mailing, he received even more calls. Peter then mailed the postcards for a third time. He got a similar response this time too, even though the club managers had received the same postcard.  The 3rd mailing made sure that Peter was booked throughout the season.

Action summary:

°    Postcards is a good and a low cost way to generate leads. Its easy to send postcards. And the response can be terrific.

°    There was nothing magical about the postcards Peter sent. But it worked magic because Peter persisted. He sent the same postcard again and again until he got booked for the entire season.