How to Build Brand Loyalty?

agIn a small country squashed between Russia and Sweden lay Finland. Its capital city was Helsinki. A relatively unknown soccer team called the city its home. The soccer team was lousy and as a result had less than 300 supporters. But that all changed. In relatively short time, the team built a fan base of more than 30,000 diehard supporters. 

How did the soccer team raise 29,700 new diehard fans?

It was quite simple actually. The coach of the team sent an SMS to the 300 odd fans asking them to select their own team. The fans could vote on their favourite players to be a part of the team. The success or failure of the team depended on the failures. Which players made it to the team depended on the fans. The fans felt involved and the fan base grew even when the team lost games. In no time, the SMS list grew to more than 30,000 people!

Action summary:

°    Are your clients feeling involved with your product and company?

°    Send periodic messages to your clients to vote on small details. On new ideas. Ask them for their opinion.

°    Make them feel involved and they will turn into diehard evangelists.